Hi all,

The current company with which am working now in India is planning
to get an H1B for me. I have also simultaneously applied for U.S Universities for fall 2007 and am awaiting results now.Assuming that the normal H1B processing time is around 5-6 months, during March my status of H1B visa would be "in process".

So my doubt is,
1)if I get an admit from any of the universities during that time,
will being "in process" with H1B create a problem while going for F1
visa interview?
I have heard that during the F1 visa interview, questions have been
asked like, "you have already applied for H1B because you have
immediate interest in doing a job there and now you say you want to
study,how do you justify your stance...???"

Can someone clarify on this?Has anyone faced any situation like this
before?Please reply asap because I have to let my company know my
consent or reject in a day.