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travelling to India with 2 months visa on the passport ?

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  • travelling to India with 2 months visa on the passport ?

    My wife and I are planning to visit India in July 2007 for 3 weeks. We have valid visa stamping on our passports until Sept 2007. Is it ok to travel to India with 2 months visa on passport and return back by end of July ?

    Is there any rule that we need to have atleast 6 months of visa left on our passports ?


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    No there is no such rule. You can get back even 2 weeks before your visa expires. Make sure you file for extension as soon as you get back.


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      There is no such rule. But did you already file for your extension. If you did and if you leave the country pending your extension processing, then it means your are forfieting your extension application.

      Lets assume that you have not filed for your extension and wanted to come back with in the two months before your visa expires. technically there should not be any problem but it is at the will of the Immi officer at the POE if he/she has to allow you to come in. The most obvious question they ask is You do not have sufficient time to accomplis anything in these 2 months. Then it all depends on your answer. Normally it is suggested that you don't travel outside the country during this period until there is an emergency.

      I suggest yout file for your extension in premium processing and then make ur travel arrangements.

      Good Luck...