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New I-94 and H1B Visa transfer

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  • New I-94 and H1B Visa transfer


    Did someone face similliar issues, please respond.

    1. I transfered my H1B from Company A to Company B.
    2. My Visa / I-94 expired on 26th Nov 2006.
    3. Company B filed the extension on 10th Oct 2006 and Visa approved 10th Jan 2007.
    4. INS sent the H1B approval copy and new I-94 valid starting from 10th Jan 2007.

    I have the following questions :-
    Q1. Am I in valid status from 26 Nov 2006 till 10th Jan 2007 ?
    Q2. Do you think it is Typo error and INS should correct the visa/I-94 valid from 27th Nov 2006.
    Q3. If above case is correct is there any question while stamping the visa ?

    Appreciated your help at the earliest

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    1. Yes.
    2. That's no problem either way.
    3. Shouldn't be a problem.
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