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  • H1B query

    hello friends, i have an H1B with me filed thru my company, but recently i am looking for a change and had approached to some consulatant who were sponserring H1B visa, my query is, would i be rejected if I go for another H1B filing ? what are the risks involed.
    I also believe that transfer of my current H1B would be an option, but this would be only possible if I go to US thru my current company and will have to work there for alteast 3 months right ?
    I confusionid that, If I go for another H1B visa, the consulate may have doubt, that why I am going for other H1B, i mean he would straight away reject it right ?
    Also, I i leave my presnet company my H1B would be void, but there is still gr8 risk of the consultant my not offer me a job later and every thing would just jeopardize...

    thanks for help in advance...