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H1 visa stamping in Mexico - URGENT

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  • H1 visa stamping in Mexico - URGENT

    Me and my wife are planning to go to Mexico, Tijuana for our H1 stamping on Feb 23.

    My stamped H1 on the passport is expired on Nov 2005 and got extended till Nov 2007. I heard that it is risky since my stamped visa got expired more than 1 year back.

    My wife has got new h1 and she is going for first time stamping.

    I am thinking my wife might not have a problem but I might be questioned since I havent got stamped my passport for more than a year.

    Please suggest if some one faced this issue or have second hand information.

    I dont want to take risk of going to mexico and being sent back to India from there if they reject my stamping.


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    As long as you have the valid I797 Approval Notice, it should not be an issue.