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I94 extension after passport renewal for H4

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  • I94 extension after passport renewal for H4

    I am on H4 visa (valid until Sep 2008), while my length-of-stay in I94 is valid until Apr 2007. When I entered US, I was given the length-of-stay until the expiry date (Apr 2007) of my passport.
    My husband is on H1B and got the length-of-stay on I94 until Sep 2008 (H1B expiration date).

    Now I have renewed my passport (got a new one) and I am going to apply for the extension of I94 using the form I539.

    I have the following few questions.

    1. Is the form I539 the right application to file?
    2. How to get the visa stamped in my new US passport in US? Has anyone done this before?
    3. Is I539 filing and stamping of visa in new passport are two different applications or to be applied as a single process?
    4. If the visa is not stamped in the new passport does it have any implication in future if I decide to work and convert from H4 to H1 or to apply for green card?

    Thank you in advance.