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221g issued at Chennai..please help

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  • 221g issued at Chennai..please help


    I attended the interview at Chennai consulate on 22nd Feb.I was given 221g (Blue form) for additional documents from the petitioner and was asked to drop the documents in the VFS box. Eventhough, I have some of these documents, the VO didn't check them at all.

    My questions:

    1) Do I need to drop my passport? In the pre-printed blue form, the passport was checked along with 156, 157, and I-797.

    2) Do I need to drop all the documents relavant to education , experience etc or only drop DS-156, 157, I-797 and the documents asked by the VO?

    Please help.

    Below is the conversation happened between me and VO. I tried to avoid going this VO (A young lady) because I felt she will not give Visa. But, when my turn came, I had to go to that counter.

    Me: Good Morning madam
    VO: Good Morning.
    VO:Where are you working?
    Me: XXX company
    VO: education?
    Me: Bachelor of Technology
    VO: specialization?
    Me: Mechanical Engineering
    VO: How long have you been working?
    Me: 6 years
    VO: Show me your work experience letters
    Me : <I have given all my salary revision letters, last 6months pay slips, bank statemnt, tax returns,Form 16s etc. My employer is a MNC company).
    When VO was going through the documents, I told her my current company was formerly called as YYY and it was acquired by the current company. The office premises, contact numbers everything is same. Only the name is changed.

    VO: When did you join XXX?
    Me : Told her my joining date

    Then, VO asked us (I attended along with my wife) to wait. She called me after 45 minutes. I guess in the mean time, she might have asked some one to check the my employer. This is not a problem as my employer and my employment are genuine.

    VO: How did you get the job in us company?
    Me: Posted my resume in a job site and they contacted me
    VO; Which project?
    Me: It is a clinet project
    VO: Who is your client?
    Me: Told the client name
    VO: What the client is doing?
    Me: Explained about the client's business

    Then, she took the blue form, ticked some documents and asked me to drop them.

    I got almost all the documents including the client letter, tax returns etc. But, she didn't even ask for them. Even when I told her the same, she told me that it is the standard procedure to drop the documents.

    Do you have any idea what went wrong?


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    in the same boat

    Hello Ravi,
    Iam also in the same boat. If the VO didn't mention anything about the passport then its better to drop the passport in the drop box. In some case the VO will specifically mention not to drop the passport in the drop box, in those case we should not submit the passport, in rest of the case i believe you can submit the passport.

    I was given 221g for not having client letter, i got all the client letter and submitted all the documents on Jan19th 2007 till now no response from consulate.

    I hope you will get the reponse as soon as possible. All the best.



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      Thank you Sun for your reply.

      About my second question, do we need to submit all the documents related to education, experience etc?


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        in my case

        Hello Ravi,
        In my case i didnt submit the experience certificates and all. Since the 221g form didnt had those things so i didnt submit, only the document which is been asked i submitted. Apart from the documents been asked i submitted my xerox copies of my degree certificates, then my US company offer letter. Since my case the main reason for 221g is for client letter, since i got the client letter from a well known company in US i didnt add too many information apart from what is been asked. If the consulate requires more information think they will get back to us.

        Anyways this is how i followed if you think you want to add more information like giving your education certificates and the experience letter think you can give all those. Iam not much aware of that may be some other seniors can comment on this.



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          Check your company again

          90% it is because your company is bad.

          Check the history of your company. They might have some labor court problems, or not paying employees, no clients etc...

          say Compuvision consulting, or www.compuvis.com claims to have fortune 1000 clients, but they are a blacklisted company.. they wont' pay and there are no clients.. so you will suffer after coming to US..

          Better don't join such companies, it is good for you and for US. That is why VO would have issued a 221g.


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            My friend who attended interview yesterday got the visa and the petitioner is same. So, I don't agree that petitioner is bad. They have given us all the genuine documents like tax returns, financial information etc.