Hi Subramanyam,

I came to US on H1 on 24 jan, I got visa from Chennai consulate,

I am getting one paystub this month 13., this is my first paystub

I want to send my wife for H4 in india, as I came to know it is better to go to Delhi than chennai,

we ( me and my wife from Andhra pradesh),

my Question is as she is from South india does she need to chennai only

if she go to Delhi what she need to say if the visa offer asks why u came for delhi as ur belongs to chennai region

ans also in the visa appointment letter, we can book slot for Delhi if we select

state of residence as ELHI( As she belongs to Andhara pradesh),if VO asks question saying u r state of residence is Aandhara pradesh but hear in Appointment it is saying Delhi, what she need to answer

Please help me best suggestion