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  • Info required L1 to H1


    I have tried to search this whole forum for my queries but couldn't get the answer. I know there have been a lot of talk about Change of Status(L1 to H1) and its validity. But I'll appreciate if someone can answer my queries.
    My scenario is:-
    I work for company A on L1B, recently company B filed a COS(to H1) for me and it got approved today(there was a delay). Now my status will be H1 and my employment date for company B will be today. How much time period I have to join the company B ? I have heard that within 60 days you've to join the company B, otherwise COS will be void. Is this true ?
    Suppose I didn't join company B within 60 days, will my H1 petition still holds true ? If yes, then I might have to go to India for stamping. Will that cause any issue while stamping ?

    Thanks in advance.