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H1 for foreign medical graduate

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  • H1 for foreign medical graduate

    Dear Friends,

    I have done MD from India and am currently working on OPT in the united states. I entered the US on F1 VISA for a master's program, have completed all credits required for MS program and am planning on defending my thesis by end of March, but will receive the degree only after June 2007.

    The company I am working for is sponsoring my H1b, but have warned me that there is a risk of H1b rejection as I have a foreign medical degree and have not written the USMLE (United States Medical Graduate Licensing Exam). The job I am doing is non-practising job (which does not require USMLE). I know few foreign MD's who are working for pharma companies on H1b but have never written USMLE.

    Can some one advice why my company attorney is asking for a US master's degree and scaring me of H1b rejection risk on the ground that I have a foreign MD degree and have not written USMLE.


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    Can some one please advice