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H1 B Visa - 221g blue form

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  • H1 B Visa - 221g blue form

    My husband attended the H1B visa interview in December 2006 and got the 221g blue form asking for additional documents from the employer. The employer followed it up and they said the documents are no longer required and we have to wait till we get any mail from the consulate asking for a passport. Can any one tell me how long we have to wait? Is there an option of tracking the status any way?Any luck of getting visa? Please help!!
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    Hello Madam

    -Without submitting the documents consulate wont consider your case.
    -so submit the documents with in one year.otherwise automatically your case will be dropped.
    -Just track your case with the help of track ID which is given in the 221g form at consulate's website.



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      Hello guys,
      Helpme out . Recently i was given 221g asked me to drop through VFS service.

      Do i need to submit the PASSPORT,156,157,129,797 and all?????????
      Or will they call me after verifying the required docs specified on 221g form?

      can anybody tell me the procedure ?
      and how long it will take to get visa?
      what are the chances of rejecting visa ?????
      Plzzzz post soon worried alot awaiting for u all inputs



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        You have to submit the docs mentioned by you (Passport, I-797, Ds-156 etc) along with the additional documents asked by Consulate.