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Surname change in passport

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  • Surname change in passport


    Could anyone advice me on this ?

    My wife is on H4 with her before-marriage surname (on passport, H4 and every other record in the U.S.). She is India now and I have already taken VISA appointment (for both of us) in Chennai with her existing surname (just because, we have to take appointments well in advance). I would like to change her surname on the passport to after-marriage one. But her H4 and
    the current appointment have the before-marriage surname. Also, I was told that a new passport will be issued (with a new number?) if we change the surname. This means, the passport number will also mismatch.
    Any suggestions ? If we take the VISA as per the existing details, I cannot change the name later because she wouldn't be able to travel on the old name/passport. But I cannot wait to take the appointment after we get a new passport since I will have very less time before returning back to the U.S. Besides, I am not sure what happens to her current H4 that has the old name.
    Any suggestions ?

    Thank you