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    My wife is on H4 status, and is not entitled to get a Social Security Number,
    so i do not have a seconday ID for her, and i need to get a picture ID / Drivers licence for her, but DMV needs 2 forms of identification.
    I have one ID as her passport but dont know how to get a seconday ID ,Has anybody faced such situation??
    so if any body can help in this respect.
    thanking you in advance.


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    Hi Parag,

    You can apply for an add on credit card for your wife and use that as a secondary form of Id.


    In some states upon the request of your employer, the state issues a temporary id for the dependants.


    She can also get an Id if she takes the learner's license exam.

    u can try any of the above options for a secondary id.

    hope this helps,
    - amulya


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      hi Amulya
      thanks for your help. i havent tried that option of the credit card, she has a credit card , so this time i will check with DMV using that.
      Through my employer i cannot get the id as the I 797 does not have her name on it,i tried this option.
      and as per the learners permit, well thats what i need the 2nd id for, cant apply for learners permit unless i have that 2nd id.
      thanks anyways for your reply