I attended an interview for H1B visa at Chennai consulate and the consular officer issued me 221(g). Later I submitted req. doc.'s (Un-Employment wage reports documents from my US Employer) in the second time. But they are not satisfied with those documents and they again issued 221(g) and suggested Drop Box option. This time I submitted again asked docs. (Which I received Originals from my Employer).

Yesterday I received my Passport with one white colored document saying that "This time we are not able to issue you an H1B temporary work VISA, because your petitioner does not appear to be either able or willing to provide qualifying employments in the US in appropriate laws and regulations".

I received only my Passport back but they took all my original documents pertaining to the petition namely, I-797, I -129, LCA, etc... And they put a stamp on the passport saying that "application received".

My Question are.
My wife is already working for the same Employer. Any suggestions?
Can I reapply for fresh H1B.
Can I take the Same Employer.
Does that I129 will get back to the Employer.

Thanks in advance