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L1B to H1 - Queries

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  • L1B to H1 - Queries

    Thanks to timely answers from the members of the forum.

    I am currently on L1B from company A working in US on a assignment. Company B is filling H1 April 2007.

    I have following questions:

    1. Is it mandatory to stay in US till my H1 petition is approved ?

    2. Where will I need to get my H1 stamped ? (In home country or Mexico/Canada )

    3.If my assignment finishes before I recieve my H1 petition approval notice and I am asked to travel back to home country by my current employer , what happens to my H1 application ?

    4. Once I get the Petition approval notice , till when can I continue on L1 ?

    5 Do I need to get the H1 stamped within a fixed number of days after the approval arrives ?

    Thanks in Advance,