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H4-H1, H1 not stamped: Please help!!!

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  • H4-H1, H1 not stamped: Please help!!!

    Hi All,

    I came to US on Nov 16, 2004 on h4 visa after my marriage. I applied for H1 in April 2005 and have been working since Nov 2005. I have not got my H1 stamped yet.( every one advised, it is safe only to get it done from India since i dint do any education in US. ) Now i am pregnant and plan to stop working from May 1st week. I plan to take a break for 8 months and then continue working. I also intend to go to india during the last 2 months of my break. I spoke to my lawyer and he suggested i do this:

    1) Apply for my H4 in May ( that is the time i intend to stop working)
    2) Tell my consultant not to cancel my H1 during this period.
    3) Travel to india and get my H4 stamped while coming back
    4) After i come back re activate my H1 ( i dont know the exact term for this process) when i am ready to start working.

    Now my Question is , if this is valid? If its valid where can i get more information regarding this process? Please help. Can i have 2 visa status at one time? I need a second advise regarding this.