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TN1 and H1B

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  • TN1 and H1B


    I am a canadian Citizen working on a TN1 in the US. I have a couple of questions regarding changing employers while H1 has been filed and is still in processing.

    1) Is it possible to work as a W2 contractor when on TN or H1-B?

    2) My current employer is filing an H1-B for me, but during the processing, if I decide to change jobs what happens to my H1-B?
    a) If it is still in processing stage, can it be withdrawn?
    b) If H1-B is approved and before Oct 2007, I decide to change employers what happens? Will my current employer file a revocation? And will this mean that my H1-B 6-year timeframe is reset.

    3) After I receive the H1-B approval, Can I choose not to excercise my H1-B (my TN1 is valid until Dec 2007) in Oct 2007? And just extend my TN1 in Dec 2007.

    Any advise is appreciated.