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L1 t0 H1B visa stamp

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  • L1 t0 H1B visa stamp

    The company A processed H1B for 2005 cap for me and it's approved.My existing company B has processed L1B, and i got L1 visa stamped on dec'2005.Currently i am working in USA with L1B visa. Now i want to shift to company A which processed my H1B. Do i need to go for H1B stamping to work
    with company A. If i need to go for H1B visa staming at canada or mexico , can i get visa stamping.

    Please advice me in this regrad.

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    I have same issue : Help

    Please advice us can we get a stamping in Canada for H1 visa when we are working in L1 visa in USA?


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      why stamp?

      why do you need to stamp in the first place
      having a h1b approval means you can stay in the country and work on your h1b visa.
      the stamping of the visa is required only if you have to travel out of the country and return to poe.

      for example if you do plan to go back to your country of origin, then you can
      get it stamped there to facilitate you easy entry back to usa.

      make sure you get advance appointments while planning your travel and get this done first and foremost


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        Help : L1 to H1 status change : Please advice

        Thanks for the reply.
        New I-94 is not there in my H1 approval. Usually if u apply H1 with status change when you are in US. If we did so then we will get I-94 with h1 approval.
        My employer filed H1 with out status change. So I need to get stamped.

        Let me know I can get stamped in Canada? I am in USA 2.5 yrs.


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          canada's okay

          it's okay to get your passport stamped in canada if you surely want to do so. make sure you get the appointment and are prepared for extended stay in case they ask for additional information that you've got to get from your employer.


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            Canada is 100% ok?

            thanks for your kind reply..
            getting stamp in Canada is 100% ok when we have proper documents?
            Even i am in L1 in US around 3 yrs this is my first time H1 stamping. I heard first H1 stamp will get always in Home country. Can i come back to US with my L1 in case Canada VO asking me to get a stamp in India?

            Please advice


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              H1 stamping in Canada or Mexico

              Dear Venky,

              Please let me know if you were able to stamp ur h1 in Canada.
              I am in the same boat.

              I am in US on L1.
              Got H1 approved but no I-94.



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                Please help me for my queston on same issu

                I have been working in USA on L1B and I had applied for H1B for 2007 cap . it got approved and I got new I94 also. My questions are

                1. Is it ok if I continue to work on L1B.
                2. If I go to H1B stamping and if I get it stamped then my L1b will be cancelled?
                3. If the H1B stamping is rejected , can I continue to work in L1B.?

                please help me.