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H1B 2008 : Lottery Question

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  • H1B 2008 : Lottery Question


    My query is regd 2008 H1B, for which almost 130,000 applications were received.
    I wanted to know a few things :-

    1) Did all the applications go for lottery, including premium processing ?
    USCIS webiste says :-
    "For the cases initially filed for premium processing, the 15-day premium processing period begins on April 12, the day petitions were selected through the random selection process."

    2) As per press release on 12-Apr, USCIS conducted the computer-generated random selection process to determine which H-1B petitions are eligible for further processing.


    Is there any way to find out which of these are selected and which are not? (Like any website where we can enter our application number, etc)

    Looking for response.


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    no...there is no other way to find out if your application has been selected in the random selection process. the receipt notice that will be sent is the confirmation of your selection, for this you would have to check with your employer/attorney. if the application has not been seleted, then you will get the filing fees returned. think according to the uscis website, this process of either sending in receipt notices/returning fees will take upto 4 weeks. till then i guess we just have to wait...