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H1b Revalidation/ Passport Expiry

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  • H1b Revalidation/ Passport Expiry


    I have taken an appointment at Ottawa, Canada on June 4 for my H1b Revalidation.

    The date on my I-94 is November 30 2006 (Passport Date).
    I have a new H1B I-797 valid uptil December 18 2008 (H1b Date).
    My Passport Expiry Date is February 4 2009 (Passport Expiry Date).

    When i have taken the appointment. I have got the appointment letter, when i was going through the appointment letter, i have found the following paragraph.

    A VALID PASSPORT OR TRAVEL DOCUMENT: To be eligible for a visa, your passport must be valid for atleast 6 months past your intended stay in the United States.

    In my case the intended stay is (December 18 2008) and the passport is valid uptil (February 4 2009). The difference between February 2009 and December 2008 is less then 6 months.

    First of all i need somebody to let me know if my interpretation is correct. if so then should i renew my passport before i go for revalidation stamping.

    Please let me know soon. What should i do.