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can i travel India? with expired I-94?

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  • can i travel India? with expired I-94?

    Hello All,
    I am in H4 status. Our 9th yr H1B & H4 statuses are pending with USCIS. We got receipt notices. Now my son and me(not my husband) both in H4 would like to travel India , wait there for my husband's 9th yr H-1B approval, get it stamped( our H4's) and come back to US.

    Our GC is pending too, not even LC approved.

    All of our I-94's were expired on MARCH 31st 2007.

    Can my son and me travel in this situation?

    Am i able to take web appointment in VFS using my WAC# from the receit notice(not the approval) while the case is pending?Should i use my receipt no or my husband's receipt no for making an appointment ? OR should i wait for my husband's approval? My husband's receipt notice date was Nov 24th 2007.

    Thanks for the advice..

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