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Paystubs from new company?

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  • Paystubs from new company?


    I have an appointment in ottawa, canada consulate on May 24th, 2007.

    I am on H1B from Comapny A. Now i am transferring my H1b to company B.
    comapny b filled the h1b in premium processing....i will start my job at company B from May 14th, 2007.

    so now my question is, when i go for stamping in canada on may 24th with new h1b (with company B) i dont have my paystub from Com B. i do still have all the latest paystub from Company A.

    so can i go for stamping without the paystub from company B? becuase i will not get my first paystub by May 24th.

    let me know..


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    It should not hurt you anyway!! Even when you go for your first time stamping (at an Indian Consulate) you do not have paystub for the applied company (who has processed your H1). This is a similar situation. But, remember to take all the earlier paystubs (at least for a six-month period and the filed W2 form) together.


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      Thanks so much calvinkiran

      So when i go for stamping i dont need to have applied company's paystubs right?
      i have all earlier company's paystubs.

      thanks once again..