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H1 to F2 change of status

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  • H1 to F2 change of status

    I am currently on my H1 and my husband is on F1. I am being laidoff
    and planning to change my status to F2. The problem is the layoff is
    happening may end and my I-20 from my husband's university will come on
    22nd may. I want to know if I apply for F2 to INS before may 31st can i
    stay in USA or do I have to go back to my home country. Also I request a
    checklist of the documents i need to submit to INS for filing my F2.

    I will appreciate any help

    Thank You

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    You would need to fill out I-539 (change of status) form. You can go back to your home country and spend time with family until your husband gets his I-20.