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H1-B Stamping in Chennai.

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  • H1-B Stamping in Chennai.

    Hi All,

    I have my stamping in Chennai on June 28.
    Please let me know any of your expereinces like in questions asked at the consulate and documents required.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    prepare these qestions

    General Questions

    1) Why do you need a visa to USA?
    2) What type/kind of visa you are applying for?
    3) When did you meet first time?
    4) How did you met you husband?
    5) Who arranged this marriage?
    6) When you have married? (OR)When did you got married?
    7) Where you got married?
    8) Why did you not leave with your husband? (OR) Why are you coming today for visa when you got married so and so date
    9) Is your marriage registered?
    10) Where are you staying currently? With whom you are staying? Who are you staying with?
    11) Who will bare the expenses while you are in USA? (OR) Who Will Pay For Your Trip?
    12) Does any of your relative/friend live in USA?
    13) When/what is your husband?s date of birth?
    14) Your husband graduate from which university?
    15) What is your husband’s degree? (OR) What is your husband? Highest degree?
    16) Who filled visa application and where did you filled? OR who took the appointment
    17) How did you receive the documents
    18) Why your husband not

    Work and stay in USA related questions

    1) To which company your husband working for? (OR) Who is he working for? (OR) Who is the employer (OR) who is sponsoring in your husbands H1
    2) Where is his employer located?
    3) Where is his client located?
    4) Where is your husband/spouse working in USA? (OR) Where is he working/located/staying in USA?
    5) Why is he staying in California when his company is in Philadelphia
    6) What is he? (OR) What kind if work you he does at company/ in US
    7) Since how long he is staying in USA?
    8) For how long have your husband’s been working with client. (OR) Systems People?
    9) For how long have your husband’s been working with employer
    10) What will you do after your visa is completed/ expired?
    11) How much he is earning? (OR) What is the pay of your husband? (OR)What is the annual income of your husband
    19) Have your husband applied for green card?
    20) What are your plans after you go USA?

    Questions about you

    1) Why do you want to go US?
    2) Why do you want to leave Present Employer?
    3) Have you left the Present Employer already?
    4) How you got the job?
    5) What are you going to do in US?
    6) How may years of experience u have?
    7) What skills you know?
    8) How many companies have you changed?
    9) What’s your education?


    10) Who is your current petitioner?
    11) What is its business?
    12) How many employees do they have?
    13) Is your petitioner different from current employer?
    14) Where is your office location?
    15) Where are you going to work?
    16) Present year tax returns are more so u r company growth in present year is more, explain?
    17) Tell me about your petitioner’s client base??
    18) Is it a product-based company?
    19) What project are you going to work?
    20) For whom u r working client or employer??
    21) Who will pay the salary?
    22) How much is your salary?


    23) What is the client name?
    24) Where it is located?
    25) Do you have any project details of client?
    26) On what project you will be working?
    27) What is your role in that project??
    28) Could you describe about that project?
    29) How qualified are you to work on that project?
    30) Do you have proof of the development you are going to be a part of?
    31) Tell me the project u will be working in US?

    Present employer

    32) Who is your current employer?
    33) What the profile of your current employer? (New)
    34) Tell me about your current employer?
    35) What is your designation?
    36) What all projects have you done with last employer?
    37) How many employees are working in my present organization??
    38) How long are u working with Present Employer?
    39) Tell me about the current project that u r doing
    40) Tell me the architecture of the current assignment?

    these are the quesitons you can set your answers according to these