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OPT finished May 2008 without status from May 2008 till Oct 2008

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  • OPT finished May 2008 without status from May 2008 till Oct 2008

    Hi i have graduated this May 2007 and my OPT ends on MAY 2008 .Companies are calling me for interviews but then i am rejected because they say that even if they file my H1 B in Masters quota next year i will be out of status for 4 months from June 2008 - Oct 2008 .Please can any body let me know any workaround for this ...because i just don;t wanna loose the jobs ...any advice will be appreciated....thanks a ton


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    please dont jump into any conclusions now , u will get better offers in future , but by any chance ur visa got rejected it will be a bad mark to u


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      First option:
      Did you know that if you find work in a NGO or non-profit organization like World Vision, Blue Cross or Universities (higher-education institute) you can do your H1 right away.These organizations are exempt and do not come under the 65000+20000 CAP.
      A university can say " I want to employ XYZ and let the start date for H1 be March 1 2008" or they can the start date earlier too.
      They dont have to wait for Oct1st 2008.
      www.higheredjobs.com is a good site which shows only jobs in universities.
      I recommend that for you.

      Second option:
      Kaplan offers courses...these are small courses like GMAT and some english courses. I enquired earlier and this english course costed 900$ and they issue an i-20 which is good for 1 year. So you can be on that i-20 or F1 in that 4 months and then on oct1st you can change your status to H1.this option is applicable if you want to join any company or a commercial one rather than first Option. And do not mention about visa unless asked.if they ask "are you authorized to work" say Yes and stop with that. they cannot use the visa thing as an excuse to not hire you. if they like you they will be ok with you for not working for 4 months and be on that F1 which kaplan offers. ppl have done that and the organization will be ok with that as long as they want to keep you in the team! All the best
      Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.


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        hi, you can also ask your prospective employer if they can send you to another country - be it Canada or Mx or anywhere else fo the four months betwen your expiration of OPT and start of H1B. I know that my co has taken a few ppl this year with that promise even though they didnt get through in the lottery.


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          H1b denied. OPT begins May 2007 ending MAy 2008. Can i apply next year 2009 quota


          My h1b has been denied on the reasons that my course completion certificate does not show that i come under Masters quota. My opt begins may 2007 and ends may 2008 can i reapply for the FY2009??. I have already started working with my employer. And can i file motion to reconsider, along with my diploma and another letter of completion from my university please reply.