Hi ,
My wife had her H1 approved in July 2006. However the Visa Officer refused her H1 Visa at chennai and gave 221G for submission of few more documents. Few weeks after submitting all documents, she recieved a letter from Consulate that ,her visa has been refused this time. After 4 months, H1 petition is now changed from approved to review status.

However she travelled to US on H4 visa, which was approved and stamped.

Now her employer says they can get the H1 re-approved which was earlier refused and which is still on review through their company lawyer. Later they can process COS from H4 to H1.

What are the possibilties of getting this case approved. What are the things that her employer should do to get this case approved. We are still doubtful on this and whether this will work. Will my employer need to file a case on this issue at USCIS.

Please provide me with valuable suggestion.