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L1B to H1B - H1B Interview for first time - ABP

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  • L1B to H1B - H1B Interview for first time - ABP

    Currently, I am working in USA with my approved petition I-797 for H1B.

    I entered into USA at April 2005 on L1B visa. However, my status is been changed to H1B starting 1st Oct 2006. Now, I need to return to India for personal work. As dates for emergency appointment were not available in Mumbai consulate, I booked an emergency appointment at Chennai Consulate for H1B stamping on 9th July 2007.

    Considering my passport issuance place is Mumbai and I am doing H1B stamping for the first time, kindly let me know
    1) if I am eligible to book an appointment for Visa stamping at Chennai Consulate.
    2) if I am eligible to take an emergency appointment ( as I am working in USA on H1B and will be returning to USA after stamping!)

    FYI....Reply from Chennai Consulate is as below:
    We accept applications from anybody who wishes to apply and is currently a resident of this Consular District. It's up to the officer at the time of interview to determine whether there is sufficient information available to process the case in Chennai.

    I am little apprehensive about whole stamping process. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks.