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Travel on L1 when H1 is valid

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  • Travel on L1 when H1 is valid

    1. currently I have both valid H1 (from a US company) & L1 (from an Indian company) visas.
    2. Due to an immediate requirement, my current organization in India wants me to go onsite on L1 visa. Can I travel to US on L1 visa when H1 is valid?
    3. If I want to enter US on L1, will there be any issue at POE?
    4. The current organization requirement needs me to be at onsite for 1-2 months and then I'll be back to India
    5. Also, if I enter on L1, will my valid H1 gets cancelled at POE?
    6. After my assignment is complete, can I come back to India (or canada) and enter US again with my H1 visa?

    Please let me know of any possible issues?

    Please advice me on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Yes you may, and H1 will not be canceled just because you used L1 but if there is any other fraud detected then it might be.