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time limit for change of status

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  • time limit for change of status

    I was working in India till Nov 2006. I applied for a H1 petition through a US based employer in April 2006 when I was in India and obtained the approval in sep 2006. I had L1 stamped on my passport through my employer in India. I travelled to the US on my Indian employer's L1 visa in Nov 2006. I am currently in the US since Nov 2006 on L1 obtained through my employer in India. I have to file for an amendment to the H1 petition which will allow me to start working on H1 without going to India for stamping.

    Question: Is there any time limit within which I have to apply for Change of status. is it true that i have to apply within 1 year of approval of h1. Or can i apply for the change of status to H1 even after Oct 2007.