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EAD or H1B

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  • EAD or H1B

    I am working on L2 EAD and have got my H1B petition approved. I request seniors and immigration gurus to suggest
    1. Whether I should go for stamping from my home country or from Mexico/Canada.
    2. Whether I should go for stamping or better continue till my EAD expires, after an year.


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    EAD or H1B


    It is always advices to get your H1B visa stamping from your home country unless you are unable to get relieved from work to travel to ur home cty. Regarding continuing in your EAD, is purely your discretion. But when u intend to start work for your H1B employer, u can no longer use your EAD but still remain in the US with a valid H1B approval and change of status approval.
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    Not legal advice!


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      The norm is to get your visa stamped in the home country. However you can go to Mexico/Canada but if in worst case something happens you have to go directly to your home country and get things sorted out. Thats something you may want to consider.

      Please note that this is not a legal advice.
      Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.


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        Thanks a lot for your replies.

        What options do I have if I get myself rejected in the visa interview at Mexico/Canada? I understand that I cannot reenter US and need to go back to my home country. But can I reenter again on L2 from my home country again? Are there any possible risks?



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          you can not reenter US on L2 if u r H1 visa stamping is rejected...i suggest you to be on L2 with EAD as long as your husband maintains L1 visa...no other alternative is there if u r H1 is rejected...u need to be on H4 to accompany your husband and go for H1 for next yr.