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L1 to H1 transition

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  • waitin_toolong
    you can do that, get a new L1 stamped.

    To work on H1 from jan 2008 you will need either to file for COS and wait till it gets approved or go abroad and get H1 stamped.

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  • ersum_max
    started a topic L1 to H1 transition

    L1 to H1 transition

    Hi Subramanya or senior members please help me out with following query...

    Current position:

    Working with company A with L1B-extention approved petition (Visa Got expired in Feb 2007 and got extension till Feb 2009).

    I have a H1B Approval notice (NO COS, Fresh Application) from company B.

    i want to join company B (on h1) by jan 2008


    1. Can I travel to India in September and come back on L1B after stamping (since rite now I am on L1 EXTENSION) ?

    2. What will happen in case if I'll not able to get L1B Visa stamping dates before October 1 2007 ?
    3. Once I get my L1B stamped will I be able to come on L1B after October 1 st 2007. If yes will it affect H1 by any means ?

    Thanks in advance..