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  • Work opportunities for H4


    My friend is in U.S in H4. She would like to work there. There is a necessity for her to start working soon. We heard that she needs to get H1 but the visa window is closed and she has to wait till Apr 2008 to apply and start working only from oct 2008. I didn't know much so i thought i could take help of you people. Is there any other way she can start working soon. She was working for 2 years in India before moving to U.S.

    Friends, please help by providing your suggestions.

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    Yes, you are correct. She would need to wait until Oct 2008 or longer to start working. One way to work would be to take up a job in India again and ask that company to send her to the US on an L1 visa. She could also try contacting Indian companies in the US and ask them if they have any work from home jobs.


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      Anyone on H4 is not authorized to work, even from home.