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Need urgent Help to get my H1B stamped

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  • Need urgent Help to get my H1B stamped

    Hi ,

    I got my H1B approval notification . So I can start working from Oct1st 2007.
    But I got pregnant and now I can't work due to my health conditions .
    I discussed this with my employer . They are very supportive and they are fine with it .

    But my another problem is ,am planning to go to India in Jan and return in may or June 2008.My employer is ready to help me to attend the interview for stamping .But they want a formal medical letter signed by my doctor here stating that due to my health conditions i am unable to start working from Oct. and due to same reason , I need to go to my home town for some days .

    My Questions are :

    1. Is there any format for that medical letter so that i can get it signed from my doc .

    2. My husband's H1b is also getting expired . DO I have to get my H4 also stamped or get my H1B stamped first.(Do I have to consult a attorney)

    3.If my H1B gets cancelled , Can i come back with H4 status.

    4. Do I have to take my kids also for the interview.

    Please help me !!!


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    Your employer should have a lawyer and isnt he helping you with legal stuff?
    Every organization will have a attorney whom they consult with, however some employers asks the employee to find their own attorney. With that said you will need a lawyer in either case.
    Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.