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Need Help....H1B Visa Interview at Paris

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  • Need Help....H1B Visa Interview at Paris

    Dear All,

    I am mit, currently I am in france since 4 years. I have attended interview for H1B visa at Paris USA consulate. Interview was hardly one minute. The Consular asked me only 4 questions; whats the name of company, where it is, what their speciality, and since how many years I am in France.

    After that He gave me one WHITE PAPER and TAP on 3rd option in that letter, (inside that option it written down as follows)

    "The consular office cannot issue or refuse your application at this time. Pursuant to Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act, the Consular officer has found your application to be incomplete (if requested, please fax documents to: 01-43-12-26-08)"

    After that, the Consular has written down following comments:

    "*Administration processing will contact you regarding your case at a later date"

    He also took my PASSPORT, Fees, Form D-156, 157, Letter from my Employer and Education evaluation.

    Please inform me if anyone have idea about this kind of case / or does it mean that my case will be rejecte?

    Thanks for your opinion,