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Going To h1b visa stamping

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  • Going To h1b visa stamping

    Hii friends,

    iam going to h1b stamping to chennai.i need to put the date in september.please give me any suggestions how to prepare for the interview.what type of questions they ask for h1b people.

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    Hi friend,

    I wish to help you, since I have already attended interview at Chennai.

    But I am yet to understand what you are trying to tell me. May be I am really dumb: "i need to put the date in september.?" I do not know what you mean.

    Well, H1B interview is easy if your paper work, certificates, and of course your way of impressing the VO is really good and genuine. Go with courage.

    All the best.


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      Interview Questions

      You need to be well prepared for the Interview which you are about to attend. H-1b visas are applied through all over the world. so you should not miss any opportunity to acquire your visa. You should have all the knowledge of the documents which you are submitting to the consulate. The purpose of the visit. About your work experience at your previous job i.e. In India. Job you are qualified for in US. The job profile at US you should be qualified and appropriate and your back ground of education or experience and the Job should match. All the other information you have submitted to the consulate. Remember that your prime motive to go to US is to work and not permanently settle over there. Intention of temporary stay should be reflected in your answers.

      Mostly be prepared for the questions on your Job profile.


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        I will be attending my interview in december.yet too book the date. I will be having my interview in chennai. I have a couple of questions:
        In the forms it asked for previous employer. I worked for a consulting company and the client was a proper company. Can I give the employer info as the client. I have a letter saying that I worked there. I understand the consulting company is my employer and not the client. But no harm in saying I worked for this consulting but my work was at XYZ client. No harm in that right? My present job is a in a proper organization. And Novice if you could share with us the questions and responses for your interview that will be great.
        Note that this is not a legal advice. Consult your immigration attorney for the best upto-date information.