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Previous H1B refused-withdraw it or not?

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  • Previous H1B refused-withdraw it or not?


    I got my H1B visa refused last year (in Chennai consulate) and eventually sent out to USCIS. Lucky my H1B petition was approved for 2007 through my employer.

    My questions are -

    1. Should I withdraw my old petition (filed in 2005) before I take interview this year?
    2. If so, what are the documents should I ask my consultant (who filed my petition in 2005)?
    3. What are the likely questions I come across in US Consulate wrt refusal?
    4. Will the previous refusal has any impact on the present interview success, taking the fact that I'm going to the same consulate (where my previuos H1B refused)?

    Thanks in advance,
    Purnachandra B

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    Seniors please reply

    Seniors please reply ... Thanks.


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      Based on a few cases reported on this forum earlier you just go for your interview as usual and if asked about the prev one say that you are no longer interested in that position.