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H1b trasfer while H1b extension is pending

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  • H1b trasfer while H1b extension is pending


    My husband changed job from company A to B in June 2007. He has h1b approval from company A till Sep 2007. When he moved from comapny A to B, he applied for H1b transfer/extension. USCIS wants additional documents regarding his extension and gave some time and kept it in pending state. In between He got a offer as a full time employee in Company C.

    Can he able to transfer and extented his h1b while his h1b extension is pending with other company B.

    If he can able to transfer his h1b visa from company A to C(because his visa is not approved with company B). How the way he need to deal. ( he have a h1b approval from one company A and case is pending from other company B). Is it require to submit all the documents. or need to go with company A documents.

    If he submit company A h1b approval papers and paystubs what will be the problems come.

    Now six year are completing with this year.

    I would be very thankful for your answers