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    I am just asking general question, my boyfriend is in india and I am in Canada, if he gets H1B(for the united states)before we get married, can he come to canada to visit and we get married and then I can go back with him on H4? If not how long do I have to wait?
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    I could guess it is possible to do that. However, there is a rule that the person requesting the H-4 must have his/her spouse's name endorsed in his/her passport. Thus, as long as you can get his name endorsed in your passport when you are in Canada, you should be fine.


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      What do you mean by endorsed? Do you mean I must have his last name at the time of filing? His last name should show as mine on passport?
      Thank you


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        no name change necesary just a notation in each other passport mentioning that <youname> is wife of <his name>
        and vice versa