Please help me with this question. I am desperate to seek an answer for this.

I have been working on H1-B for company A (IT Consulting firm) since last october. I have a Masters (Civil Engg.) from India and have 2 years of IT experience from India.

I am now being offered a perm position in a company B (big firm). So, on the whole, I will have 3 years of experience by the time I file for my H1-B transfer.

My questions are:
1. If I ask company B to re-evaluate my credentials while applying for a H1-B transfer, will my old credentials (edu+work) be compared anytime.

2. If there is any difference (esp. in my work experience in India) in the two evaluations, will there be any issue for me.

3. How important (in legal sense) is an educational eval document in terms of USCIS.

4. What is the importance of my educational eval at the time of my GC.

thanks in advance