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H1 transfer: Gap between jobs

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  • H1 transfer: Gap between jobs

    Hello all,

    I need to get a some idea on the legal ramifications of a gap between jobs under H1. I am a post doc at Univ A and have a cap exempt H1 from them valid till next year (Dec 08). However, my contract at Univ A expires this month (Sep 07). I have lined up another post doc at Univ B, but they would need a few weeks to open the position and then apply from my H1 transfer. Presumably they would be able to issue me an offer letter around Oct 15th and then apply for the Visa transfer.

    Q. Is it okay if I terminate my employment at Univ A by this month and then wait out for 15 days before Univ B applies for the visa?

    Q. Is there a maximum limit timewise on how much one can wait before applying for the visa?

    Thanks for your help,