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Breach of Contract

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  • Breach of Contract

    I am working as contractor with company A through my consultant. There is another consultant between Company A and my consultant which is the direct vendor for company A. Now company A wants to hire me full time but i see in my offer letter from my consultant which says i cannot seek employement with the company where i am working as contractor or sub-contractor. Is it a valid contract? can they sue me if i take full time with company A? Please help with your suggestions.

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    since you are saying that ur company(ur H1 holder) is a vendor to the company ur working in....they can sue you...it would have been different if it is a small company....


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      better tell ur h1 holding company that u want to take full time....then if they agree it will not be problem


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        This is dependant on the state you live and where your Company is located. Be more specific. Each state has it's own laws .


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          If you have to sue somebody it does not matter if the Company is small or big. In his situation, the problem is only his consulting company. As company A (Client) may already have set terms with the vendor for conversion to full time.

          Thank you!