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h4 transfer case

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  • h4 transfer case

    Hello everyone,

    I filed my H1-B application in 2006 and got my h1-b visa stamped (and my wife's h4 visa stamped) from this company. However, the company did could not find me a suitable job and therefore I had to file a h1 transfer (from India). When my h1-b petition has been transferred to another company, I entered USA with the first company visa and the h1-b petition of the new company. (It was given to my understanding that I need not go to the consulate for h1-b transfer because I never entered the US)

    My question is - can my wife (who never came to US on h4 visa) who has h4 stamped from the first company directly fly and join me in the USA or should she go to the consulate and get her visa stamped again.

    Thanks for any pointers or suggestions

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    she can fly tp you usig her prev stamp if unexpired, let hey carry a copy of your H1, to get I-94 date stamped as yours otherwise do keep track as the dates would be earlier than yours.


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      Her h4 visa expires in 2008 May. Could you please also help me in consolidating any documents that are required for her to produce during immigration check in the USA? I understand h1-b (latest) is one of them. Anything else?

      Thanks again!


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        the others are usual pay stub etc.

        just remeber that IO may not give her I-94 till your new H1 date you need to remember that and extend her status timely