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Regarding H1B renewal

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  • Regarding H1B renewal

    I went through your website and was not able to find answers related to my specific question on my current H1-B extension.

    Right now, I have my H1 visa extension notice which is due for expiration in Nov. 2007.
    This same H1-B Visa has been extended 3 times so far (in Nov. 1999, Nov. 2001 and Nov 2004).
    I need to know if it can be extended again.

    Below are the details of my stay in USA and outside USA during this period =>
    1. I worked in USA on H1-B Visa from June 1999 to Mar 2002 (Total 2 years and 9 months stay in USA).
    2. Then I went back to India and worked in India from Mar 2002 to July 2004 ((Total 2 years and 4 months
    outside USA).
    3. Since July 2004 till date, I am working in USA on H1-B Visa (Total 3 Years in USA).

    So can you please let me know if my current H1-B visa can be extended again?

    Note: I do not wish to apply for Green Card.


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    Yes, it can be extended again for 3 years, because you were out of US for more than 1 year. That resets the clock.

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