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  • My Visa Case

    Hello One and All,

    I am Resident of Andhra Pradesh but Attended My Visa Interview along with my Wifes H4 in Delhi on 26Sep, But the VO did not Go thru my case and handed me 221g Form and asked to Attend the intervie in chennai as I belog to Chennai Counsulate Region.

    Here My question is that My Wife also had applied for her H1 and her petition was under hold. But now she has got her I 797. In this Regard would it be suggestable to take her( for Her H4) first along with me for the Interview in chennai and then later go again to get her visa status converted from
    H4 to H1.

    Would It make any differnce if I first get her H4 status done then at a later point Apply for her H1.

    When I took her to delhi along with me for her H4 and mine H1 her Petion was still under hold and she recently got her I 797 Approved.

    Your Suggestion in this regard will greatly be appreciated. Thanks to all well in advance.

    H1 Aspiranth

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    I think you should complete the H4 Process, if she applies for H1 she will have to mention that she recently applied for a US visa anyways.This might mess up the whole process and they may close doors permanently for her.

    Not a legal advise.