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Appointment Cancellation confirmation

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  • Appointment Cancellation confirmation


    I just confirmed my visa appointment at the Chennai consulate. I am changing my visa from F1-H1B.

    I thought I had made some mistakes on my DS-156 forms, and was checking about the cancellation policy and how to cancel an appointment and book a new one. But I was hesitating to do that since appointments are not easily available.

    I havent cancelled my appointment, but I wanted to double check if I have accidentally cancelled my appointment during my process.
    Could you please let me know, what would be the confirmation if an appointment gets cancelled.

    I also see my forms When I go through the link Retrieve/Modify saved appplications, and follow instructions to download my forms, I see the forms DS-156, DS-157, Interview Letter and Guidance sheet. My Interview Letter is present with the date that I had confirmed my appointment.

    But I am not sure how I will know if I have cancelled my appointment.

    Any response will be greatly appreciated.

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    Could some one please let me know what would happen if we cancel the appointment. I am very tense now, I am able to see all the documents when I enter all the information, but I read in other posts, that even if you cancel your appointment you will still see all the information. I haven't canceled my appointment but I want to double check that I have not canceled the appointment.

    Anybody who has canceled their appointments earlier, could you please let me know, what all you had to do after you canceled your appointment to book a new date.

    Any response at this time would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you