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My visa interview experience - OCT10

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  • My visa interview experience - OCT10

    Dear all,

    Thanks to everyone who has been continuously contributing to this forum.
    Every suggestion & experience gave immense confidence to me.

    I have had interview on oct 10 for H1B. As usual same story like many. Went 1 hour early, waited in the Q for 3 hrs. I have been observing that many people infront of me were getting pink/blue forms. Little tensed, but still did not lose hope. when there are 3 people infront of me in the Q, all of sudden, interview officer changed, the 3 infront of me got their visa, same thing happend to me.

    The VO has the asked same routine questions. I have given answers confidently.
    Interview had last about 2 mins.

    I feel, the visa stamping requires 2 major factors (apart from all accurate documents)
    First one - confidence. in the first look by VO decides the VISA. he would find out the confidence & our genuinty in his/her first look. hence, be bold & confident during the interview. One more imp thing, since we have to be in the Queue for atleast 3 hrs, we would almost get faint and disgraced. (I feel this is a kind of test by VFS to our confidence level). still, try to bold.
    In the first look if you could catch the eyes of VO then you are almost done. If he satisfies, he will ask only basic questions, otherwise he/she wuld try their their best to pull you off, by asking to show so many docs till you cannot show.

    Second one - LUCK plays the major role. In many cases, though you have all correct docs & dressed up well, still cannot get through. LUCK plays here.

    Since luck is not in our hands, take up my first suggestion.

    Post your comments.

    All the best of luck.

    ~Satish Reddy

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    Congrats Satish

    Could you let us know what documents are required for the H1-B stamping ?