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Clarification needed for 221(G) green form

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  • Clarification needed for 221(G) green form

    Hi Folks

    My dude attended Delhi consulate on mid of Feb 2007 . they issued Green form( 221(g) ).
    they checked the paper on these issues.

    1) Project Details
    2) where is money coming for internal projects
    3) Income tax returns of the employer

    And VO asked him to submit all these above documents into the drop box.

    first week of September 2007 my dude went with all the documents to the drop box @ delhi but consulate people collected documents along with passport personally and given a acknowledgement paper of I797(cut paper downside).

    now my question is ...........?

    1) How much time consulate people will take to process these issues.

    2) is there any procedure to track the Status of this issue?

    Thanks in advance to all the people from bottom of my heart.



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    Dear Lesa, your dude will have to wait for any correspondence from the US consulate. They will notify when the process is complete for your dude. Your dude may also write or call them about the current status. Good luck to your dude.