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H1&H4 visas got approved Successfully at Delhi Consulate

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  • H1&H4 visas got approved Successfully at Delhi Consulate

    Dear All

    Thank you very much for sharing your experiences at this site. It was really helpful for getting my H1B, H4 Visas approved.

    Pls find the details(skipped security check, finger printing).

    Me:- Good Morning Sir, How are you doing today?
    VO:- Fine Thank you, how about you?
    ME:- I am Fine, thank you
    VO:- have you(me&spouse) ever been to USA?
    ME:- No
    VO:-What about other countries?
    ME:-Yes, I had been to xx,yy,zz countires. But my wife has not visited any country
    VO:-Whats your degree?
    VO:- Which University?
    VO:- Whats ur designation there &responsibilities there?
    VO:Why do you want to quit MNC and join a small company?
    ME:Explained about it my career growth, bla,bla
    VO:- whos is your client& whats their business?
    ME:- I told about my client, & their business and explained in detail
    VO:- WHen did you get married?(VO asked my wife)
    My Wife:- Answered..
    VO:- your VISAs approved, you can leave feely, will send the Passports by courier within 3 days
    ME:- Thank you very much. Have nice day

    Be very clear,crisp& Confident and Have all the required docs. You will get it. thats my experience..