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H1 Visa questions for Employer Infoeweb

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  • H1 Visa questions for Employer Infoeweb

    Hi Guys,
    I need an urgent reply on this .

    I have fixed an appointment with the chennai consulate early next week .

    I have a good background and good experience . but the company who has filed for my H1 is a consultancy and a very small company.

    Can you please let me know your experience if you are on the same boat ?

    The only documents i am carrying (on behalf of the employer) are Project details. Is it enough ?

    Pls reply asap.


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    u don't abt any issues.be confident at the interview time.and also once prepare u r answers if VO will ask u.then u will be more confident at that time..also comany and u r exp are not a big things at time interview,bcaz i got Visa through a small company which had 3 employees only.so dont think like that and be confident at time of Interview.



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      Documents needed

      You should try to get all documents from employer. It give VO excuse to putting things on hold specially when company is small and there are reasons to put doubt on it. Tax copies, Project Details, Client Details (If it onsite project) or Other Project details (e.g. if its Inhouse Project). TAX copies are very important at first stage if you going through small company. I had everything ready for my interview except TAX copies. Even I was very confident but still was given 221g to submit TAX documents . So, Dont give them chance from your side and rest is luck.