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F-1 to H-1 B from Mexico ?

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  • F-1 to H-1 B from Mexico ?


    I was OPT, got a job and worked from April 04 to July 04 for my company. My H-1B was applied in first week of July and was approved by INS in last week of September.
    My OPT expired on 2nd August and my H-1B visa start date is from Oct -1st,( within 60 days I got H-1b approval)

    Since my OPT expired on August 2nd, I did not work from August to October 04 and was given a vacation from my company. Now I resumed working and my question is

    1. Can I go to Mexico for F-1 to H-1B visa stamping with the following conditions?

    My OPT expired 2nd August and H-1B started 1st Oct, is it considered that I was out of status


    Since I had 60 days grace period and my H-1B started exactly on the 60th day –Am I considered in status because of it?

    2. If my Visa stamping is rejected in Mexico for some reason, can I enter USA and if so within how many days should I leave the US.

    Thank you